Will the New Crop of Fake Degree Scams Deter Students From Online Education?

Online education experts at degreeboard.com warned against a new type of fake degree scams today. The supposed new type of degree fakery goes far beyond the diplomas for purchase that have been available from non-existent and unaccredited colleges for years, and now means that anyone can purchase a fake degree from such respected institutions as Florida State University. So how will these fakers and frauds affect the future of online education? And what can be done to stop them?

It seems that one of the reasons diploma mills and degree scams are on the social consciousness currently is very much due to the current economic climate, and its effects on distance learning and online education. Essentially, lack of jobs and increasing redundancies stimulate increasing numbers of people to head back to education, and taking up an adult education course via distance learning or online is a very economical and accessible way to do that today. And, indeed, reports of increasing online enrollment are already being heard in the US and the UK.

Realistically however, such fraudsters have been around for many years and aside from penile extensions and cut-rate Viagra, fake degrees are one of the original and obligatory types of spam e-mail. That said, it is also wrong to assume that the scammers are not indeed getting better at offering more and more legitimate-looking qualifications to the point of committing outright fraud.

Subsequently, in terms of maintaining the social faith in online education and distance learning, the public need to be 100 percent clear that using a fake degree or qualification is fraud. An action that might be surprisingly more difficult when one considers that the selling of fake academic credentials is illegal only in 11 states in the USA (according to degreeboard.com). Maybe if such sellers are brought into line elsewhere across North America we might see the first steps for spreading this knowledge, and at least halting the blight of scammers, at least if they can’t be stopped altogether.

But, then, I suppose one must ask why must the USA should be the focus of a nationwide ban on such activities? For me, the answer lies in the apparent fact that the rest of the world, particularly the UK, are following the advancements the US are making in online education, e-Learning, and open content – and particularly the way it is regarded socially and publicly. Thus, the betterment of higher education globally (and the systems therein) currently seems to be directly influenced by the modes and methods that are established stateside.

FOREX Education – Work Smart Not Hard To Succeed

I read a lot about FOREX education and how it is essential to succeed and of course this is true, but most people don’t really understand what they should learn and how to do it.

So here are some guidelines, on how to work smart and not hard to achieve FOREX trading success.

When you are looking for FOREX education you can get most of it for free on the net.

Don’t be tempted to buy e-books or “sure fire” trading methods from guru’s.


Because the FOREX education they offer is normally going to cost you and it’s not worth the money.

Most of it is written by great salesman (with great copy) or failed brokers.

In most cases, if it was that good they wouldn’t be selling it; they would keep quite and make money for themselves.

Harsh but true!

If you do want to buy from a guru on the web make sure they have a real time track record that has made money and not a simulation.

The good news is:

There is a huge resource of information on the web you can tap into and it’s all free.

As a novice trader you can learn everything about technical analysis and indicators and see how they have performed in real time.

You can also find lots of material on the traits of successful traders and how you can acquire these traits to make money.

You can then build a trading system for free from this FOREX education and even learn how to apply it.

Paid education that is worth the money.

Look no further than an online bookstore.

There are many great books you can buy from traders who have made money.

Unlike the guru’s on the net who rely on hyped sales copy these guys don’t need to:

They have made real money and lots of it.

There are many books to choose from but here are some of my favourites after reading several hundred over the last 18 years:

1. Market Wizards – Jack Shwager ( Edit )

This book is interviews with some of the all time great traders and allows you to tap into and learn from the best.

Quite simply, inspiring and essential FOREX education.

2. Trader Vic – Victor Sperandeo

Perhaps my favourite book of all time.

EVERYTHING you need to know about devising a plan for profit is in this book.

From the essentials of a trading plan, to money management and how to acquire discipline to stick with your plan and achieve trading success.

Again, essential FOREX education.

Other authors to check out are:

John Murphy (for his writing’s on technical analysis) Max G√ľnter (check him out for some un conventional money making tips!) Jake Bernstein (great insight into the mindset you need to win) and finally, William Gallagher’s excellent book Winner Takes All – A very entertaining read.

There are many more but the above will give you some great FOREX education.

My own view in terms of FOREX education is to get all the info for free of the net to construct and implement your plan.

Then round it off with some FOREX education from traders who have been their, done it and made money.

I hope you enjoyed my thoughts on FOREX education and wish you trading success.

Currency Trading Education – Essential Information on How to Make Money in Currencies

The currency trading education enclosed, is essential information to help you join the elite minority of winners who make big profits and enjoy currency trading success…

In currency trading 95% of traders lose money and that’s a fact but they don’t lose because they can’t learn to win, they simply get the wrong education, have the wrong mindset or both. It’s a fact that currency trading can be learned by anyone and anyone can win.

There are a group of traders who buy junk robots or Forex Expert Advisors and think they can make money with no effort and spend a hundred dollars or so and earn a regular income but making money with no effort, doesn’t work in Forex trading and all these junk systems lose.

If you want to win you need to learn skills and this won’t take you long, a couple of weeks or so and then you can trade in 30 minutes a day or less and make big profits; let’s look at how to do this.

The best way to trade is to use Forex charts and simply follow price action. Your aim is to spot and lock into trends and hold them. If you’re wrong, you liquidate and keep your losses small.

The big trends in Forex last for many weeks or months and locking into and holding these trends is the way to make big long term profits. Don’t be tempted to trade often and think the more effort you make the more you will win; this is simply not true.

All you do, is end up taking low odds trades and lose. Be patient and only trade high odds set ups, you don’t get rewarded for how often you trade, you get rewarded for being right with your trading signal and that’s it.

You should use a simple trading system, make it to complicated and your system will have to many elements to break. Keep your system simple, with strong money management and you have the basics in place for big long term profits.

To win a good trading strategy is not enough, you need the discipline to follow your system through periods of losses, until you hit profits again. This sounds simple but most traders can’t do it – Why?

Because most traders take losses personally and try and hold them and hope they turn around but this leads to disaster. These traders need to learn that to win long term you need to take losses in the short term and keep them small.

If you want good solid trading education then you need to get a simple system, trade the long term trends and be disciplined at all times. This is the way to make money in trading and always has been.

If you learn the basics of Forex trading and get confidence in what you’re doing, you can become a disciplined trader and enjoy currency trading success.